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Liturgy Committee

This Committee is composed of the Pastor and the head of each parish lay ministry (described below).
Its role is to plan the liturgies and liturgical events for the parish in union with the pastor.

Children’s Liturgy

The child has a deep need to experience and enjoy the presence of God. This program,
therefore, offers the children the ability to encounter and share the Word of God in a way that is tailored to them. It helps them to learn the faith we, as Catholics have in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to offer Him praise.

They meet on Sundays at the same time that adults share the Word of God.
Every child is invited to join in this sowing and nurturing of the seed of Christian faith.


The Lectors reverently proclaim the Word of God to the assembly of God’s faithful on
Sunday, at weekday Masses and at other Liturgical Celebrations. Training is provided.
Resource material is available in the Sacristy.


Hospitality ministers have the function of making worshipers feel welcome and at home,
before, during and after celebrations.

They hand out worship booklets/bulletin, direct processions, collect the gifts of the people
of God, etc.

Training is provided for anyone who wishes to join.


This Ministry is comprised of men and women in the parish who assist in the preparation
of the Altar and reverent distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ (Holy Communion)
to the faithful during Mass. They also substitute servers at Mass and funeral services.

Training is provided.

Altar Servers

This ministry is composed of parishioners who assist the presider during Liturgical Celebrations.

Each member must have received First Communion.

Training is provided.


Members oversee the general tidiness and preparedness of the place of worship,
including decorations, care of sacred vessels and vestments, and Altar preparation.

Training is provided.


The choir normally sings at the 9:00am Sunday Mass, on Feast Days and at special events.

They meet every Sunday and at other scheduled days, as judged necessary, to prepare for special feasts and events.

If you are interested in becoming a member of any of these Ministries, please refer to the OLA Parish contact list name of the Head Lay Minister.

List of OLA Parish Contacts: contacts.pdf (23kb)

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